SimCity Buildit Looks and Feel after the Latest Update


Welcome to another BSF40 exclusive. This is resident game guru Tedd with the run through regarding the latest update and DLC for SimCity Buildit for iOS and Android. Update for this year 2015 has been one of the most anticipated revamped to the game of Simcity Buildit with numerous new changes in how your city will get around its daily activities. The most noticeable feature in the game that has been added is the ability to manually decrease and increase networks such as roads, rails and tram tracks. You can do this simply by tapping on your device’s screen. You can create all sorts of things like bridges and tunnels for its build modes of transportation according to your preference.

The updated tool will give mayors more choices to mitigate traffic from making basic flyovers to creating sophisticated buildings along the highway. Hopefully the Maxis will be focusing more on improving the game this year especially the often requested features such as one-way roads or on-ramps with merging lanes. Yet another changed that is favored on the game is intelligent behavior for all vehicles. Sims on the road no longer randomly in the city. Vehicle agents will give the Sims a whole lot easy route. That means workers will go directly to their job for the day, garbage trucks will pick a side of the street they want to clear before moving on, and buses can be flagged down by waiting commuters. With such improvement in the game, streets and highways will be a lot better in terms of its traffic. Fright trucks will only be on its way if and only if it has a valid reserved route.

And to culminate on the updates that SimCity Buildit has received,  there are new ways to keep your Sims satisfied like the new cheat for SimCity Buildit app which generates unlimited resources for your city. The game has four new buildings that gives Sims a chance to enjoy and relax making them happy. However if those services can’t cater your Sims, the other option is for them is to visit sports parks, as they are now open 24 hours a day. If you Sims are still grumpy, mayors can now place individual trees along roads will help absorb a small portion of air-pollution,or just give that personal touch of detail to a neighborhood. There are bug fixes in this update like the reliability of giving Simoleons across the region. I hope you found this recap informative, and don’t forget to subscribe on BSF40 for more game related stuffs like this.