Microsoft Upgrades Xbox From Gaming To Enterprise

Microsoft’s revolutionary enhancements on the Xbox One gaming console have paved way for an ironic collaboration of gaming and work. The significance of Xbox gaming console as a practical small enterprise product was the creative contribution of Microsoft’s professionally valuable partners. Microsoft has incorporated enhanced features for networking and videoconferencing into the Xbox One console. Microsoft help forum provides a detailed description on the modifications implemented in Xbox One gaming console.

Xbox One enhanced as an office gadget

In order to enhance Xbox One as a multimedia gadget, Microsoft has adopted some radical measures. The updated versions of Xbox One are endowed with inherent networking options and advanced camera features. The 1080p digital Kinect camera and the in-built Skype features of Xbox One make it a competent platform for business networking solutions. The upgrades have rendered Xbox One as an optimum gadget for live business discussion and videoconferencing.

The Xbox console is also provided with Internet Explorer and Sky Drive storage features. The enterprises can perform online transactions and operate business applications through the Xbox One. The Sky Drive feature enables the storage of office files and online handling of data. Microsoft also offers free added features like Xbox live gold with annual subscriptions.

Although Microsoft has receded itself from many of its business product sectors, the promotion of the upgraded Xbox console is being celebrated in full swing. The updated versions of the console are oriented towards exalting it to a multifaceted multimedia gadget. The console is no longer confined in the gaming realm but enhanced to the business market.

Experts disapprove on superficiality
Xbox gaming console

The enhancement of the Xbox gaming console as a business product does not earn the approval of the experts. Even some of the potentially valuable partners of Microsoft consider the upgrade to be a bit too frivolous. The analysts agree with the viability of the updated console as an enterprise product but suggest the possibility for Microsoft to adopt a much superior plan in integrating the gaming console as a business solution.

The Microsoft help forum discusses the impact of the upgrade in the business product market and also depicts the insignificance of the outrageous breakthrough. Avoiding all the questions on the efficacy of the logic, Microsoft has once again propounded an excellent way to mix work and play.

Amazing Things Around The Game – Horizon Zero Dawn

There are amazing things you need to know about horizon zero dawn we have a lot to talk about so without wasting your time. Let us begin right away it is a fully open world action RPG you do not usually associate horizon developer Guerrilla games with role-playing games.

Given the fact that their most popular achievements have all come to the first person shooter series Killzone horizon zero dawn though is going to be their first attempt at a fully fledged action RPG title. Any non shoot at sight or for that matter it is set 1,000 years in the future.
Horizon is set one thousand years into the future and human civilization has long since abandoned the world after a robotic dinosaur like creatures growing.

Power and essentially became the dominant species of the planet looting plays a major role it looks like horizon zero dawn will also have loot play a major role. In the way you play the game players will be able to fight and defeat all the robotic dinosaurs that occupy the game world and will be able to extract different electrical parts from all of them.
Make use of those parts in order to craft it from weapons and items RPG mechanics a cross between elder scrolls and assassins creed.

The game is said to have proper in-depth RPG mechanics but on a spectrum where on one end there are more action-oriented games like Assassin’s Creed and games such as elder scrolls on the other end.
Gorilla Reckons that Horizon full summer in the middle it will be interesting to see how they managed to juggle aspects of both those kinds of games. The games going to have a proper perk system customization crafting and XP points and leveling up so it seems safe to say that it’s going to be a proper RPG there will be a proper quest system.
There’s very little specific information about this but one thing that we know and have been told explicitly by Gorillas several times is the fact that Horizon Zero Dawn is going to have a proper questing system. They have often talked about how aspects like exploration and features such as the user interface and how they’ve designed it are all central to the quests.

This game fully exportable world one of the major selling points of horizon seems to be the fact that the game is going to give players a well-realized world and then let them explore it to all their hearts content on top of it. There will be different sorts of environments we’ve already seen the likes of forests huge open fields and snow-capped mountains and it looks like we will be able to explore them all properly you can explore old ruins of civilization.

One of the main questions in the game’s story is going to be what exactly happened to human civilization and why they abandoned the planet. This will also play a role in the exploration aspect of the game players will often come across ruins of old civilization towns or cities.

VR Type Should You Like To Decide On

So right now i am going to talk about everything about VR so I’m going to stating all the facts of you know about the big top three VR helmets that are in the market and yes I say big top three. I understand as a bunch of other ones but HTC vive the oculus rift and the playstation vr are essentially the big front runner in this whole grand.

Let’s start with the HTC vibe, currently the most expensive one at seven hundred and ninety-nine dollars. The display resolution right now is at 21 60 x 1200 and that’s about 1080 x 1200 each. The field of view is approximately 210 degrees and the refresh rate is 90 hertz which allows up to 90 frames per second in any video game. Now the minimum requirements for the HTC vive to run perfectly in the system. Cool thing included with HTC vibe is like three and one connector box essentially when you connect this to hdmi the USB and the power to this box and you connect it right to your pc so it’s just less wires less hassle it is all connected this one little box and it’s very very convenient.

Now unlike the HTC vive the control that it comes with is an xbox one controller now here’s the oculus rip differs from the HTC vive. TLet’s move on to the PlayStation VR now this one is by far, the cheapest of all three of them retailing at three benign but there are reasons for this first and foremost the display resolution is lower than the oculus rift and HTC vive running a 960 x 1080 and 1920 x 1080 overall the field of view is around the same approximately. So essentially the PlayStation VR actually reacts to light and it uses that to track your movements and honestly this is actually really cool because it provides the possibility of actually using both play styles that I mentioned before with the HTC vive and the oculus rift with the rift pretty much you know you’d be sitting down playing with the control of the Controller.

This is more like the elitist all right next up the PlayStation VR the pro arm it seems like it’s gonna be the most user-friendly and with the inclusion of being able to use the places move controllers as well as the DualShock you know specs still great look at it it looks like it’s gonna be a great PR helmet but it’s kind of sandwich between the you know much more lucrative you know more expensive HTC vive and the much more cheaper. HTC vive is the more expensive option but it is seen as the more you. Know grand options the better option to possibly the best option whereas PlayStation VF is more like the consumer option. The option that pretty much everyone has the means to because well in the last couple years the PlayStation 4 became one of the fastest selling consoles ever.

SimCity Buildit Looks and Feel after the Latest Update


Welcome to another BSF40 exclusive. This is resident game guru Tedd with the run through regarding the latest update and DLC for SimCity Buildit for iOS and Android. Update for this year 2015 has been one of the most anticipated revamped to the game of Simcity Buildit with numerous new changes in how your city will get around its daily activities. The most noticeable feature in the game that has been added is the ability to manually decrease and increase networks such as roads, rails and tram tracks. You can do this simply by tapping on your device’s screen. You can create all sorts of things like bridges and tunnels for its build modes of transportation according to your preference.

The updated tool will give mayors more choices to mitigate traffic from making basic flyovers to creating sophisticated buildings along the highway. Hopefully the Maxis will be focusing more on improving the game this year especially the often requested features such as one-way roads or on-ramps with merging lanes. Yet another changed that is favored on the game is intelligent behavior for all vehicles. Sims on the road no longer randomly in the city. Vehicle agents will give the Sims a whole lot easy route. That means workers will go directly to their job for the day, garbage trucks will pick a side of the street they want to clear before moving on, and buses can be flagged down by waiting commuters. With such improvement in the game, streets and highways will be a lot better in terms of its traffic. Fright trucks will only be on its way if and only if it has a valid reserved route.

And to culminate on the updates that SimCity Buildit has received,  there are new ways to keep your Sims satisfied like the new cheat for SimCity Buildit app which generates unlimited resources for your city. The game has four new buildings that gives Sims a chance to enjoy and relax making them happy. However if those services can’t cater your Sims, the other option is for them is to visit sports parks, as they are now open 24 hours a day. If you Sims are still grumpy, mayors can now place individual trees along roads will help absorb a small portion of air-pollution,or just give that personal touch of detail to a neighborhood. There are bug fixes in this update like the reliability of giving Simoleons across the region. I hope you found this recap informative, and don’t forget to subscribe on BSF40 for more game related stuffs like this.

Pac-Attack is Still Fun Game after all These Years


You know, of all the games that have been released in my lifetime, I can’t think a single one that’s been more influential than Tetris. I mean, all the success the Game Boy had? It’s fair to say you can thank Tetris for that. People bought the Game Boy because people wanted Tetris. In fact, they wanted Tetris so much, other games turned into Tetris. Suddenly, there were a million games with falling blocks. Columns, Quarth, Dr. Mario, Kirby’s Avalanche, Wario’s Woods, Yoshi. I mean, everyone was dropping blocks. Even Pac-Man. And he usually just dropped pellets.

It’s Pac-Attack, for the SEGA Game Gear. So the interesting thing about all these post-Tetris puzzle games, it’s not that they were basically copying Tetris. It’s how blatant they were about it. Like, there was no attempt to hide what these games were. And no one cared, because everyone loved Tetris, so why not have more games like Tetris? And the best ones at least put their own spin on things. Like, Dr. Mario. That game took a very different approach. Pac-Attack isn’t quite Dr. Mario. This one’s, just look, it’s 90 percent Tetris. But where the game gets interesting, is in that 10 percent. That part’s actually something fresh and new.

The Pac part of the attack .Not that the rest is whack it’s just without it, Pac would seem like a hack. Ms. Pac-Man has a nice rack. So here’s the deal. This is basically Tetris. Falling blocks fall, ‘cause that’s what falling blocks do and the objective is to create complete lines, which clears those lines. Again, Tetris. But the catch is see the little ghosts in the middle of the blocks? Yeah, that’s the catch. That’s the ten percent. See, you can’t clear the lines, if they have ghosts in the middle. The ghosts basically break your lines. Because ghosts are like children, they just break everything. So somehow, you have to get rid of the ghosts, right? How do we do that?

Well, Pac-Man eats them. Because Pac-Man’s like children, he just eats everything. So what happens is every few blocks, you get a Pac-Man block. Once placed, the Pac-Man block eats any ghosts in his way, which leaves behind gaps, which you can then fill with blocks and clear the lines. Sounds pretty simple, right? Yeah, sounds pretty cool, too. And it is. Only one problem, though,  it’s actually not as simple as it sounds. In fact, it’s kind of a pain. See, Pac-Man usually comes attached to blocks. And a lot of times, those blocks get in the way of the ghosts you need him to eat.

It’s really, really hard and even a little confusing to get Pac-Man in the right spot, especially considering that you can’t turn him. Like, whichever direction Pac-Man happens to be facing, you have to make it work.And that doesn’t always work. You know, it’s actually kind of hard to explain. It’s just not something that’s instantly clear, or intuitive. Like, even when you’re placing Pac-Man, you’re not always sure he’s going to go the way you want him to. It’s just a bit confusing.And maybe it would’ve been simpler if Pac-Man didn’t come attached to other blocks, andyou can change which way he’s facing. Then again, maybe that would be too easy, I don’t know.What I do know is, what seems like a clever little twist on Tetris ends up feeling sloppy in execution. All these games mentioned can now be played with the free iphone 7 that you can get from the giveaway that is posted in the link.

Like, I still think it’s a very cool idea, and it’s not a bad game by any means…But the gameplay never lives up to the idea.It’s just okay. But you know what? That’s okay. Nothing wrong with a decent puzzle game, especially on a handheld. And especially the Game Gear, I’ve always been a fan of the Game Gear.Its games still look good, and Pac-Attack’s no exception. Good presentation, both in the visual and audio departments. No Ms. Pac-Man anywhere in sight, but if you can get used to all the complex multitasking, and the frustration of a left-facing Pac-Man who all you need is a right.